About Us

Humanly is a hiring platform that screens and schedules job candidates at scale, reducing time to hire and providing the best possible candidate experience for all applicants.

As hiring chatbots and similar tooling emerges at many of today's largest enterprises, Humanly aims to build the world's largest library of two-way hiring conversations for high applicant volume roles, allowing companies to quickly deploy "first touch" conversations with candidates through the various channels in which they interact.

With 72% of candidates who have a bad job application experience complaining about it online, negative reviews make attracting new talent incredibly difficult. Humanly's AI engages with and screens job candidates who come to a company's job pages and social media, allowing hiring teams to jump in at the right time. This saves hiring managers 60+ hours per open role on average and reduces bias early in the process.


  • Prem Kumar - CEO

    10 years in product at Microsoft, and 2 years at HR SaaS startup TINYpulse as Director of Product. HR/leadership blogger for SHRM, Thrive Global, Addicted2success and Techstars mentor.

  • Bryan Leptich - CTO

    Software engineer with 10+ years experience at early stage tech startups. 1.5 years at Fullbeaker Inc as development lead for Nurse.org.

  • Andrew Gardner - COO

    10 years sales and management experience with early stage tech startups. Over a year at HR SaaS startup TINYpulse as global account executive, working with SMB - Fortune 500 companies.