Doing More Than What Is Humanly Possible

At, we envision a hiring experience where every candidate journey starts with a conversation.

With 1000s of tools out there focused on everything from sourcing to applicant tracking, we didn't find a solution that moves the needle to fix what's broken in direct candidate conversations. It is our mission to help create a better version of hiring: equitable, efficient and productive for everyone.

The world of recruiting is changing rapidly. We know automation is part of the equation — and yet it’s not enough.

It’s time to expand the conversational AI for recruiting continuum beyond chatbots.

We bring into focus the entire candidate conversation, measuring beyond the words to analyze what we say, how we speak and what we really mean. Now, organizations have a pathway to learn and discover how it’s possible to improve their hiring process and candidate experience. Leadership Team

  • Prem Kumar Prem Kumar - CEO

    10 years in product at Microsoft, and 2 years at HR SaaS startup TINYpulse as Director of Product. HR/leadership blogger for SHRM, Thrive Global, Addicted2success and Techstars mentor.

  • Bryan Leptich Bryan Leptich - CTO

    Software engineer with 10+ years experience at early stage tech startups. 1.5 years at Fullbeaker Inc as development lead for

  • Andrew Gardner Andrew Gardner - COO

    10 years sales and management experience with early stage tech startups. Over a year at HR SaaS startup TINYpulse as global account executive, working with SMB - Fortune 500 companies.