Humanly Is Proud To Be Partnering With Arik Armstead of the San Francisco 49ers

Many job candidates from under-represented communities lack the access to resources to thrive in their careers. Covid-19 has exacerbated this trend. I’m excited to work with Humanly toward bridging these gaps.”

Erik Armstead

Armstead Academic Project, Founder
San Francisco 49ers, Defensive Tackle

Committed to change.

We have always been devoted to tackling the problem of inequality. Our AI was designed to remove unconscious human bias from the job screening process and we promise an increase in diversity at the top of the hiring funnel.

In addition to our core promise, we are exploring other initiatives to address inequality, including partnering with Arik Armstead of the San Francisco 49ers on a series of forthcoming free events, designed to connect underserved job candidates with human mentors and career coaching. We’re excited!

Reach out if you’d like to participate, learn more or arrange a free 1:1 career coaching session.