Strengthen our trusting & caring reputation one community at a time.

Excellent service and quality of care the primary identifier of Home Care Assistance. HCA takes pride in dignified and personalized care for the elderly community including hiring skilled, caring and knowledgeable employees. With a mindful and personalized approach for senior care, Home Care Assistance continues to carefully expand their presence nationwide.

Surface qualified applicants faster.

To maintain a high level of excellent care, Home Care Assistance understands the foundation of their business begins and ends with the people who they employ. Finding a more efficient way to screen and qualify applicants through key questioning, immediately booking an interview, collecting reference feedback, and adding all automated conversations into their ATS were the top priorities for this 3-month franchise pilot launch.

By implementing tools, Home Care Assistance would be able to get to candidates faster, make sure potential candidates meet standards for employment — while delivering a positive experience with the Home Care Assistance brand.

Recruiting Automation for Hourly Hiring

Location-Specific screening experience drives more qualified interviews

Combining Home Care Assistance’s principles of integrity and quality made it a natural fit to partner with Kicking off the streamlined screening and scheduling process for three locations proved to be a huge success.

Partnering with Humanly is a wonderful collaboration experience. They got to know the uniqueness of each location and delivered back tailored solutions that aligned with an individual hiring needs: different workflows, prescreens, culture tones, and visuals. Its flexibility is one of the reasons why we selected Humanly. And then our post pilot expansion success solidifies we made the right choice in recruiting automation technology partners.

– Janine Calcote, Head of Alliances at Home Care Assistance

Our Austin location was able to sift through and screen 440 applicants in seven weeks. Home Care Assistance not only saw the efficiency for screening dramatically improve, but also the quality of the applicants applying. Being able to customize questions inside the screening process led to successful applicant pairing. But it was more than just engaging through the right conversations, offering up a personalized brand experience per location helped set expectations with new caregivers about their responsibilities. Over the launch time, we learned further about the different franchise hiring environments. Specifically, we worked to deliver locations with lower applicant volume with a SMS-powered re-engagement campaign with past applicants — increasing the applicant pool without additional advertising investment. Through a customer success webinar, the initial pilot of 3 locations quickly expanded, with many new locations coming on board and launched each month.

Overall,’s conversational AI empowers Home Care Assistance to move forward with a seamless and efficient hiring process.  And as the economy shifts back to a pre-covid candidate-driven market, HCA is poised to turn into a competitive advantage.

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