Depth of experience with agility.

After being in business for 108 years and counting, Moss Adams has earned the reputation as one of the country’s top 15 ranking public accounting firms. Originating in the Pacific Northwest, Moss Adams has now expanded to more than 3,400 employees and 25 locations throughout the United States, and a growing international presence. Their wealth of knowledge and experience paired with agility to learn, and understand the mid-market customers they serve, led them to be a coveted firm to be a part of.

Recruiting Automation for Salary and Early Career Hiring

Simplify early career hiring process.

The ever changing economy and shifting work environment allows job seekers to be more selective in job opportunities. To remain a top employer of choice with future accounting professionals, Moss Adams’ Associate Director of Talent Acquisition, Silke Olsen, prioritizes innovation as core to their hiring success. During the 2020 pandemic, how do we efficiently and effectively attract and hire early career talent without the traditional in-person channels available during a campus recruiting season? We pivoted to a 100% virtual hiring experience, thus requiring a tech stack focused on delivering a candidate first experience and hyper efficiencies. is a consummate team player. Within weeks, they designed an integrated, conversational recruiting experience that best communicates our brand. With the 24x7x365 availability for candidates to get screened, we’re able to consistently engage with 100% of our applicants without any added resources, while dramatically reducing all the manual work. Plus, over multiple campus cycles, Humanly continuously worked with us to optimize the screening design and integration experiences.

– Silke Olsen, Moss Adams’ Associate Director of Talent Acquisition

Easy, intelligent recruitment automation integrated with existing ATS.

Equipped with an easy and intelligent recruiting chatbot, launched a tailor-made solution in a matter of weeks. Over 3 months, connected with thousands of future accounting applicants through a positive candidate experience and integrated into Taleo Enterprise Applicant Tracking System. By screening candidates through mobile friendly conversations, became an instrumental game changer and partner for Moss Adams’ high volume, early career program.