The difference is making for organizations and candidates.

Rayanne: I'm really excited to welcome Andrew Gardner, who is the Co-founder and COO of Andrew, thanks for joining me today.

Andrew: Of course! Thanks for having me excited to be here.

R: I would love for you to give a brief introduction of yourself and then also tell us a little bit more about your role as COO and Co-Founder for

A: So, I'm located just outside the bay area in Northern California. As a COO, I head up all things, operations, all things revenues. I manage sales and help onboard our  customers – a little bit of everything on that side.

R: Great. So I know that when you manage a startup and you have all these new customers coming on board and using your product. I'd love for you to share a few memorable moments that HR, talent acquisition leaders, recruiters, and customers have shared with you. I'm really interested in hearing about's impact.

A: We tried to get as much feedback as we possibly could on what really are the problems out there that needs solving. Fast forward, two years later, and working with 40 or more customers now and seeing the impact. It's just so rewarding to see these moments both on the candidate, talent leadership, and recruiter sides to have these things callout.  So that's been probably one of the most rewarding parts of the journey thus far.

In terms of actual anecdote, you know, I think one, one that was fun is one of our larger clients, a large accounting firm, you know, 5,000 or so employees. One thing we allow are candidates' feedback about their experience in regards to the application process.

It’s interesting to see candidates, not just rate one of five stars, but to share anecdotal feedback. With one of our clients, we saw a candidate call out individuals they met through their application and interview process, listing 10 people in the organization. This client got it right. To be able to evaluate real-time feedback to everyone, including admin assistants and line managers, not just recruiters and talent professionals. It was exciting and unexpected.

R: I love that. What a great story.

A: And you know, a question that always comes up in the sales process, 'Do people want to talk to technology? Do they want to talk to a chat bot instead of getting on the phone with someone?'  And one of the cool highlights we see is candidates talking about how this format allows them to open up and provide so much more of who they are and what's relevant about them in their story, than just submitting a resume or a cover letter.

R: So great and so impactful on the lives of not just the candidates, but also from those who are doing the work; the recruiters and the HR professionals. It's such a great product.

A: One piece of feedback we got from a store GM within a fast food restaurant. And, keep in mind this company doesn't have recruiters.

As this GM cleared off one of these tables, seated customers started pointing their phone at the QR code that was on the table. That was a job opportunity. The GM realized in that moment, 'oh yeah, this is the new Humanly thing where they can now apply on their phone'.

They got to know the customer a little bit more, and by the end they were then able pick a time to come back for an interview. That candidate got hired that day, and started few days later. That GM was so excited, and felt the need to send that back over to us and to his leadership team saying, 'wow, this was so cool to see''.

R: I think that we are in a place in our lives today where technology is absolutely a benefit for us and the speed of communication, better communication in particular, when we're hunting for a job or when we're trying to give feedback within our organization. I really appreciate the stories you've shared and your insight into the product.

A: Of course. We're been a crazy journey thus far. Thanks for having me.