is aimed toward companies who receive high applicant volume like those in technology, healthcare, retail, staffing, and trucking — just to name a few. Its goal is to — using tools like artificial intelligence — help firms hire efficiently and equitably. Among the team working to make this happen is Arik Armstead of the San Francisco 49ers.

Learn how, Arik Armstead and Richaun Holmes work together to increase diversity in the workplace.

Armstead, an adviser and shareholder for the company, has ties to Sacramento, having grown up in Elk Grove. He hopes this company can make a dent toward removing bias when hiring interested candidates.

"Humanly uses automated tools to remove that bias, automate hiring process so qualifications or what you have to offer is what people get hired off of," Armstead said.

Richaun Holmes of the Sacramento Kings also serves the company as both an adviser and investor.

(Originally featured on, an NBC Sacramento affiliate, on January 19, 2021.)