Black leaders answered this simple question: What should CEOs focus on in 2022?

Black History Month is a time for reflection - when new pledges and declarations are made on how to work toward equality.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion walk the sharp line of being performative soundbites0 for CEOs and business leaders. It must be more than a simple logo change or a hollow declaration of change during the shortest month of the year. Organizations, big and small, are integrating DEI strategies and actions into their bedrock and foundation: empathy, culture, hiring practices, technology, and campaigns. But, how do we discern what is performative versus true efforts to create real and lasting change? We wanted to hear directly from HR & DEI leaders, as well as Black Professionals, on what they believe CEOs can do to make meaningful impact and that true change.

We asked a single question:

What changes would you like CEOs to focus on in 2022? Not performative or soundbites, but actual changes?

We received an overwhelming response from Black leaders who shared thoughtful and important messages for all CEOs. Through the month of March, we will continue to ask and feature many thought-provoking and transparent answers to this question.

We invite you to read and reflect on their responses and, perhaps, what you read will ignite conversations within your own network and organization.

BIG thanks to each of these individuals who shared their thoughtful answers.
Scroll down and be inspired!

Incorporating Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Torin Ellis - Black History Month Celebration
Torin Ellis has dedicated his career to conversations around Diversity, Equality, & Inclusion. 
Monique McCloud - Black History Mont Celebration
Monique McCloud is a Chief People Officer driving peak performance, HR strategy, and DEI.
Jackie Moore - Black History month Celebration
Jackie Moore is Sourcer focused on Deep Learning/ML /AI, Robotics, Autonomous Driving +


Forest T. Harper, Jr. leads this non-profit organization providing internships and leadership development for outstanding ethnically diverse students.
T. Tara Turk-Haynes drives DEI Strategy and excellence in Hiring.
Dr. Courtney Benjamin - Black History Month Celebration
Dr. Courtney P. Benjamin uses her drive to help people in a variety of settings, including t.v./media, non-profit, tech, and academia.
Tenisha Jackson is the Head of Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Future Innovation

Nasir C. Qadree founded and manages an inclusive investment firm focused on diversity.

Diversity in Leadership

Keirsten Greggs is she's passionate about helping organizations attract, select, and retain underrepresented candidates.
Ron Thomas has a global HR background that spans many industries, cultures and countries.

Skills-Based Hiring

Lissa Appiah - Black History Month Celebration
Lissa Appiah helps talented introverts to get hired and/ or promoted.

Leadership Empathy & Values

Jackye Clayton is a thought leader & inspirational speaker on recruiting & DEI topics.
Devin M. Joseph is a forward thinking, young Black professional.
Rachel Williams is a continuous learner skilled in full lifecycle recruiting, workforce development, Inclusion strategy, and much more.
John Graham, Jr. - Black History Month Celebration
John Graham Jr. helps companies improve DEI outcomes by focusing on the lived experiences of marginalized talent. 
Tim Salau is Mr. Future of Work.


Our efforts to inspire and ignite change will continue - this is a foundational value for Our mission is to be better, do better - to improve the hiring process, one that is equitable, efficient and productive for everyone.