Investors, partners and advisors all celebrate a milestone in funding for and it's mission to hire quality, fairly and simply.

Let’s start with gratitude. Our CEO, Prem Kumar said it best, “We've been blessed with some of the best investors and advisors in the world  —  helping us create a strong team foundation around being successful, together.”

Humanly is proud of the work we have done to improve the hiring process and the job applicant experience. With this announcement: $4.2 Million Momentum Raise – we are excited to continue the work. Better pre-hire conversations result in better hires, it’s as simple as that. So why not keep all of it simple – for you, the users and the talent you want to attract.

We’ve spent the last two years perfecting conversational AI to speed the hiring process, allowing humans to remain at the heart of recruiting. This is so important to us that we enlisted the help from Dr. Katherine Hilton, Linguist and Lecturer at Stanford University to ensure success, "It's exciting to see apply linguistic theory to real-world problems,” she shared, “As someone who researches language and social bias, it's especially gratifying to advise them in their efforts to improve equity during the hiring process."

Utilizing linguistic theory and maintaining a primary focus on DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) in hiring, we are determined to use progressive innovation to empower both hiring authorities and job applicants.

And that has led to some pretty special conversations with investors who believe in what we are doing and where we are going.

Listen to the founder and managing partner of  our lead investor, Zeal Capital Partners, Nasir Qadree, talk about his excitement for the alignment  between and Zeal’s Future of Work investment portfolio.

Nasir Qadree speaks candidly on why aligns with Zeal Capital Partners.

Here’s a bit more from Hem Suri, Founder and Managing Partner at Spark Growth Ventures,

“The unified conversational AI platform that Humanly is building to help talent acquisition teams engage and hire candidates is effective, efficient and most importantly, unbiased. We recognize the need and opportunity to address inherent biases in human-led recruiting processes and are impressed with what the Company is doing to enable its clients on this critical front. Humanly has immense potential to be the platform of choice for all interactions between enterprises and their stakeholders in the society, starting from casual informational interactions to alumni and partner engagements.”

Creating “simply better conversations” is no easy task, but it is worthy and necessary today. We rely on our users to share feedback - our CEO Prem Kumar, “Our amazing customers are leading the way in using Humanly to save time and improve candidate experience. Our 6X growth last year is due to innovative hiring leaders joining us on this journey. I'm also blessed to work with a diverse and intellectually curious team, the Humanly Humans.”

Kumar continues, “The pandemic exposed how broken hiring is. The future of hiring is NOW and centers around direct candidate interactions, driving efficiency, inclusion & belonging therein. Technological innovation plus intelligent process and people teams will continue to expand the conversational AI for recruiting, as well as the HR continuum - beyond what we know today.”

Our customers know that we are on their side.

Key Partners have been instrumental in our success, as well. Tech companies, in particular, work diligently to secure partners who share similar ideals and values. Striving to achieve true diversity in hiring highlights our need for like-minded partners.

President and CEO of INROADS Forest T. Harper is an example of a like-mind, “I am thankful for our alumni’s commitment to representing INROADS values in the community and thrilled to see Prem Kumar and his company,’s, success. Our valued partnership with enabled us to launch Oakland’s first college links program during the pandemic and to live out our mission to help BIPOC candidates find work.”

So, how about a little less talk and a lot more action? Check out what we do – schedule a demo and enter the future of hiring. Job applicants deserve a better experience.

Hire quality. Hire fairly. Simply.