When I first encountered the idea of transitioning into tech sales, I couldn’t fathom it. The more I broke down the myth of the sleazy salesperson and learned what it meant to be in tech sales, the more I realized it was the perfect opportunity for my career transition. I can sell a product I truly believe in and I don’t have to be pushy about it. In fact, part of my job is to make sure I’m not selling to customers who aren’t a good fit for our product. SV Academy was integral in teaching me this.

Being a human at Humanly.io.

Being the very first Business Development Rep at Humanly.io is showing me that this wasn’t just some lofty idea. Not only do I get to be a problem finder and problem solver for HR and talent acquisition professionals, but I get to do so in a way that works for me and for them. And – it's all for a mission-driven company that is fully committed to moving the needle forward through being adaptive, embracing change, and being successful together while holding onto our collective and individual humanity.

Being a source of answers for your questions.

Struggling to get applicants through a seamless screening and interview scheduling process? Spending too much time on repetitive tasks rather than on the interpersonal skills you’ve honed over the years? Questioning whether  unconscious bias is getting in the way of hiring equitably?

Asking yourself more questions like these, I want to help employers sort through these questions and get you the best solutions for your challenges. I’m betting that Humanly.io has those solutions, but if it doesn’t I’ll do what I can to point you in the right direction!

Come on a journey with me to find the No!’s, and the YES!’s.  AI and automation offers the chance to enhance the candidate experience, streamline the screening process, allow recruiters to let their interpersonal skills shine, and ensure an equitable and less-biased interview process.

Being a helping hand for recruiters.

If you’ve read this far (thanks!) and I’ve requested to connect out of the blue, I really do want to build a relationship and grow my network. It is simply a bonus if you are interested in the product and I can help you discover if we can help solve some of your recruiting pain.

Outside of work, I am passionate about dogs, animal ethology, psychology, human behavior, diversity and inclusion, the etymology of words, movies (especially Marvel, DC, Pixar, and Dreamworks), nature, road trips, and people!

Humanly Mission: To help hiring teams and candidates be successful through innovative technology, commitment and fairness.

Humanly.io is a conversational AI for recruiting platform where automation and people work seamlessly together to help organizations surface the most qualified, diverse applicant pool at scale.