There’s no denying that technology has changed our lives in just about every way imaginable. And that includes the recruitment process. From sourcing to engaging with candidates, technology has helped streamline the recruitment process.

If you’re still unsure of how technology has changed the recruiting process, we’ve outlined 5 ways that technology is changing the recruiting process.

1. Online job boards

Online job boards have been around for longer than you think. and CareerBuilder (originally NetStart) have both been around since 1994. Before online job boards, people had to sweep through newspaper listings to find job openings. And yes, that also meant people had to send in their resume and cover letter through snail mail or drop them off in person at the business.

Nowadays, recruiters can cast a wider net with their job listings by posting them through various platforms such as online job boards and the business’s website. Job seekers from around the world or country can then immediately apply for the job by sending in a digital resume.

2. Social Media Ads

There are over 660 million users on LinkedIn, and that number continues to grow daily. With social media platforms, recruiters are able to reach an expansive audience, which can be overwhelming. This is where targeted ads come into play. Recruiters now have the opportunity to use targeted ads on social media to attract candidates with specific skills and background that would suit the role.

An example of a targeted ad may be less noticeable than you think. Ever receive a LinkedIn Inmail from a recruiter? That’s a prime example of a targeted social media ad.

3. Remote Interviews

In the past, companies would fly in candidates for in-person interviews because the only other option was a phone interview. Fast forward to today, and many companies are opting for video-conference interviews instead of having candidates go through the hassle of traveling for an in-person interview.

Similar to the online job boards, remote interviews allow recruiters to reach top talent anywhere in the world.

4. Chatbots

Impressions matter, and the one of the first impressions that a candidate gets with a company is through the recruiting process.

Recruiters are inundated with a plethora of tasks such as sourcing, engaging with candidates, and setting up interviews. All of these tasks may hinder a recruiter's ability to fully engage with candidates, which could result in a less-than-ideal candidate experience.

Chatbots, on the other hand, help take some pressure off recruiters by handling the engagement part, specifically giving candidates updates on where they’re at in the hiring process and notifying them of interview setups.

5. AI

When we think of AI, we automatically think about robots taking over the world. But not all robots are hostile. AI in the recruiting process is helping to solve problems such as sourcing a high volume of candidates, screening candidates, and streamlining the conversations through chatbots. This all helps recruiters eliminate unconscious biases in the process and ultimately, helps enhance the candidate experience due to the highly engaging process.

Advancements in technology don't always have to scream doom and gloom for recruiters. Instead, technology is helping to streamline the process so recruiters can focus in on creating an engaging and positive candidate experience.