The Truth Behind Candidate Experience

Candidate feedback is at the center of recruiting / HR chatbot experience. The good and the bad presents a continuous opportunity to listen, learn, and improve your hiring experience at every stage.

“This is so far my favorite job application UX content design, it makes the application process more personal and interactive! Y’all did an amazing job, speaking from a person who’s spending almost 6hrs daily to fill up job application forms. You really made my day, thanks!”

“Where is a “that was easy” button when you need one :)”

“Great electronic chat and application form. I do, however, like voice and personal negotiation best.”

“Very easy to use, except for the location services.”

“It was amazing very efficient.”

“Fue fácil aplicar en linea y muy rápido”

“It was okay yk.”

“It was a very fun experience.”

“I wish everyone had an easy way to apply like this.”

“Fast, simple, efficient, and overall amazing.”

“Great Questions.”

“Of the pre screening requests I’ve had, this was the most unique experience…”

“Straightforward and easy to fill out (when my phone isn’t being a pain, but that’s not y’all’s fault.)”

“This was great, I never felt like i was unable to not answer a question honestly because it always gave me another question to make me feel better about my answers!”

“It was nice and simple; I appreciated how it was straight to the point. Though it wasn’t too personal.”

“I believe that this is a very great way to recruit new team members it’s different it’s quick and easy and it seems efficient.”

“My address wasn’t any of the options, i had to put my grandmothers. “

“10 out of 10!

“My address wasn’t any of the options, i had to put my grandmothers. “

“Nice to meet you, and enjoy your day. I am looking forward to have a good conversation with you.”

“It was very good and helpful.”

“Super really forward and straight to the point.”

“Great Chat App for prescreening.”

“Awesome end engaging questions.”

“Please pass along my thanks in advance to the hiring team for their consideration. Stay safe and have a great week.”

“Feels like I’m actually messaging someone.”

“Loved this simple and unconventional application process.”

“Very easy and straight forward”

“Would like to speak to an actual person.”

“If you leave the website the request to make an interview times out and requires you to start all over.”

“Very helpfull and fast very convenient. 5 🌟 rating.”


“Very easy to fill out and got me excited about applying.”

“Very cute, simple, and easy to read! Good impression of the company for the applicant.”

“Hard to go back you have to start all over.”

“I felt that this was a better experience than other ways to capture information, such as Google Forms.”

“Very simple, I love the way this app is designed. More companies should follow this method .”

“Straight forward with the bot.”