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Humanly empowers hiring teams to overcome their unconscious bias.

Combatting unconscious bias through equitable screening.

Humanly's library of conversational interactions are stripped of bias triggers such as gendered words, culture-specific terminology, lines of questions that bias towards certain cognitive processes, and even role-specific biases. Humanly, optionally, allows customers to hide fields like a candidate’s name, so hiring teams can focus on factors predictive of success per role, industry, and market.

Diversity output

Interview transcription analytics help individuals and teams learn directly from their interviews.

With transcription analytics, individuals and teams can track actionable insights—over time—like removing bias triggers, improving talk/listen ratios, and interviewer patience, and increasing company value mentions and next-step discussions.

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Unconscious bias is one of the topics we write about.

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Unconscious bias

Creating change with action.

Humanly is proud to be partnering with leaders like Arik Armstead, San Francisco 49ers Defensive Tackle and Founder of the Armstead Academic Project, to foster opportunity and promote equality to under-served communities.

Arik Armstead Armstead Academic Project, Founder
San Francisco 49ers, Defensive Tackle

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