Milestones And Insights of 2021

Prem Kumar

2021 presented a range of exciting milestones and highlights for us here at Here are the top moments of our year.

Another pandemic-driven year has come and gone, and we’re grateful to have an incredible year filled with growth, innovation, and achievements. Here at, we are surrounded by incredible humans. This extends to our outstanding team, investors, partners, advisors and customers who continue to be an endless supply of knowledge, insights, encouragement, and enthusiasm for creating more equitable, inclusive hiring practices. What we know for sure, is we wouldn’t have had such a remarkable 2021 year without them.

This year’s highlighted conversation moments. $4.2M momentum raise.

How could we not start off with this outstanding highlight? In September, we closed on our seed round of funding for $4.2M. This was an absolute highlight of the year.

We’re replacing the time that a recruiting coordinator would spend doing hundreds of these phone screens, and doing it a much quicker period of time, and then we’re helping the human be better at the next step. – Prem Kumar

Times Square, New York City

Leading this latest round of funding was Zeal Capitol Partners. Additional investors for this last round included: Spark Growth Ventures, Basecamp Fund, Moneta Ventures, Formentera Capitol. We are incredibly lucky to have investors who share our mission in bringing a more equitable hiring experience to all.

5X the employees

In the wake of an exciting round of funding, we added new talent to our team. In 2021 we went from just four full-time employees to a total of 20! Our CEO & Co-Founder, Prem Kumar makes a point to make sure’s team has a diverse representation. And not just skin tones, but also gender diversity, backgrounds, culture, and neurodiverse representation. You can learn more about our outstanding team here.

Looking back on 2021, I am most proud of our team. Growing from 4 to 20 people whom all are shining examples of our values. This year has taken a huge mental and physical toll on us all, and yet this small group of folks from around the country and world, many of whom have never met in person have created magic in a bottle we’re excited to deliver to our customers in the years ahead. – Prem Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder

Launch of new product, Humanly Voice.

In 2021, our hardworking team developed a game-changing interview intelligence engine to capture, transcribe, and analyze each interview conversation — helping organizations make more confident hiring decisions and overcome unconscious bias. Want to learn more about Humanly Voice? Listen in on the quick video below.

Humanly Voice wins at Sacramento Innovation Awards 2021.

Our latest launch, Humanly Voice, took home the top prize for the Hardware, Software & Electronic category at the Sacramento Innovation Awards! We were so happy to be recognized by our Co-Headquartered, Sacramento community. This was a proud moment for our team and all of their hard work, and certainly just a preview of what’s to come next. Special thanks to the Sacramento Business Journal for this very special recognition.

Humanly Voice wins for the Hardware, Software, and Electronics Category.

Conversational AI assistant technology like Humanly Voice is proving to be an instrumental team player. It’s been a new way for us to measure what makes our employees stay, and contribute to helping strengthen a positive and productive work environment. Across the candidate-to-employee lifecycle, we anticipate Humanly Voice to deliver the insights for us to be more prescriptive in attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining talent.
– Jenalyn Miller, Director at Gravity Payments

Customers get transparent.

With an exciting new launch and an award to boot, we also had an awesome opportunity to have a conversation with one of our customers, Susan Cornish from College Nannies. Getting transparent feedback from customers is something we truly value. We want hiring teams to be successful, and we know that transparent conversations help us understand the journey and challenges they face.

Susan Cornish, Franchise Owner of College Nannies opened up to our Head of Marketing, Bennett Sung about their journey with recruiting tools. Take a glance into some of her insights and why she turned to recruiting automation to solve her hiring challenges.

Partnership with JazzHR.

Partnerships are powerful relationships. Earlier this year we announced an integrated partnership with JazzHR, the leading recruiting software provider for small and medium-sized businesses. Our companies’ integrated solution allows mutual customers to screen and schedule, the most qualified, diverse applicant pool. We have already had a great year of 2021 together, and we look forward to this upcoming year as and JazzHR continue to work towards helping hiring teams be successful.

Top candidate rating

What the end-user has to say is extremely valuable. When we found out candidates gave an outstanding 4.8 out of 5 rating for’s recruiting automation solution, we were thrilled.

A positive candidate experience leads to positive employer brand recognition. By responding to candidates in real-time and providing information they need right away, keeps candidates engaged. This will not only help improve the overall candidate experience but will also help improve employers’ candidate pipeline. Click below to hear actual candidate feedback.

4X LinkedIn followers.

This year we focused on building our community – and LinkedIn was where we wanted to engage with all of you. We are so honored and humbled to have grown a devoted following on LinkedIn this year. Our audience continues to grow with insightful leaders of HR, empathic change agents, talented recruiters, and professional hard-working people. We love reading what you share on your platforms, and we hope to always bring something new and provoking to your feed. Thank you!

New partnership with SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting.

In October we announced another meaningful and exciting partnership, this time with SAP® Store. integrates with the SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting solution and delivers more efficiency and equity to a company’s candidate screening and interview process.
We are looking forward to the new year, and the new opportunities and SAP® SuccessFactors® will bring.


Humanly Mission: To help hiring teams and candidates be successful through innovative technology, commitment and fairness. is a conversational AI for recruiting platform where automation and people work seamlessly together to help organizations surface the most qualified, diverse applicant pool at scale.


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