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95% of references complete our checks within 48 hours.

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We prevent reference checks from slipping through the cracks and make the once tedious process confidential, honest, and pain free. This even allows companies to move reference checks up in their process and get valuable reference data for hundreds of candidates, not just the few that made it to final rounds of an interview.

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100% EEOC compliance, every time

Humanly is committed to 100% compliance with EEOC's vision to prevent and remedy unlawful employment discrimination and advance equal opportunity for all in the workplace.

  • Jessica gave us your contact information as a reference for the Technical Support Manager role she applied to. Mind if we ask you a couple questions about her?
  • I'd love to help!
  • Awesome. First, what was your relationship to Jessica when you two worked together?

Yes, a 95% completion rate!

We trigger interactions with references and give them options that make it convenient for them to respond at their leisure. Once we have the answers, we'll store the data in the candidate's profile where you can review it when you're ready.