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  • Hi Jessica, I’ve screened 200 candidates for you and found 5 I think you’ll like.
  • Awesome! Can you schedule them for a meeting with me?
  • Great, I'll send calendar invites out now and a reminder email the day of.

Humanly Customers

  • 60 hours
    Saved in screening and scheduling per open position
  • 4.8/5
    Candidate experience score
  • Increased volume of diverse candidates at top of funnel

"Humanly has saved our hiring team 60+ hours per open role, and improved hire quality.

Candidates have rated their experience 4.9 out of 5!

My team no longer spends any time on candidate screening or reference checks."

Shefali McDermott Director of Operations, Armoire

AI screening wherever your candidates find you.

Cast a wider net at the top of the recruiting funnel by engaging with all visitors on your hiring pages, social media, and job boards. Qualify candidates quickly, all with our embeddable multi-language chatbot.

Engage the right candidate at the right time.

Humanly reduces the time it takes you to identify and engage with your top candidates, and allows you to jump into the conversation at the right time (or anytime).

Let Humanly engage, schedule and follow-up while you spend face time with the right candidates.

Candidates are engaged throughout the process and you are always kept informed so you can spend "human time" on the right folks. Humanly can even follow up with references to ask questions about your candidates and report back.