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Better Candidate Conversations is a unified conversational AI for recruiting platform where automation and people work seamlessly together to surface the most qualified, diverse applicant pool at scale.

  • Sacramento Innovation award
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  • Capitalize award 2020 WINNER

Humanly Customers

  • 60 hours
    Saved in screening and scheduling per open position
  • 4.8/5
    Candidate experience score
  • Increased volume of diverse candidates at top of funnel

Humanly helped our locations get through 130% more candidate screenings — surfacing 150% more qualified applicants for interviews. It’s like having a whole person working in the office — for a whole lot less.”

Janine Calcote Head of Alliances, Home Care Assistance
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Brand-Forward Conversations Drive More Efficient Recruitment Automation.

Start engaging top candidates fast by jumping into the conversation at precisely the right time — everytime. That's why our recruitment chatbot is simple, personalized and quick to deploy so you can build stronger candidate relationships now. And, by automating repetitive screening & scheduling, engagement, and reference check tasks, you reclaim valuable time.

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Next-Gen AI Interview Analytics Help Make Hiring Better and Fair-Minded.

Humanly Voice captures, transcribes, and analyzes each interview conversation. Our next-gen AI interview analytics help you build a pathway to use clear cut evidence inside your hiring process. Now, we bring into focus the entire candidate conversation, measuring beyond the words to examine what you say, how you speak and what you really mean.

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Enabling Diversity by Design Through Equitable Screening Automation & Interview Insights.

Our mission is to enable organizations to surface a diverse, qualified applicant pool. Humanly screens every single person — casting a wide net at the top of the recruiting funnel. Apply equitable screening and interview analytics to help you overcome unconscious bias and drive a fair and consistent candidate experience.

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