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Automated Screening Interview Analytics Automated Notes Automated Scheduling DEIB by Design .

The future of work is conversational. Humanly bridges automated chat interactions and AI-powered virtual interview analytics for high-volume hiring and retention.

What do you care about the most?

Better hiring outcomes through conversational AI.

The conversational hiring experience platform delivers the future of work for high-volume hiring and retention. Bridging automated interactions, AI-powered virtual interview analytics with integrated systems. Guiding hiring teams, candidates, and employees to achieve their success — built on innovation, commitment, and fairness.

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Recruiting / HR Chatbots

Automated interactions save you a ridiculous amount of time.

You have the power to remove barriers for your hiring experience. Recruiting & HR chat automation helps reclaim time back at every stage. Start to offload, automate, and optimize repetitive interactions inside the screening & scheduling, reference checking, on-boarding, and off-boarding processes. It’s simple, personalized, and quick to deploy. Begin to build stronger candidate, employee, and alumni relationships now.

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Interview Analytics

Level-up transparency with virtual interview analytics.

We know you crave new data to learn. Humanly Voice turns those remote human conversations from hiring, stay, and exit interviews into data and action plans. Proving to be an instrumental team player, Humanly.io helps leadership gain the clarity and confidence to make changes for better business, people, and innovation outcomes.

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